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Improve the Look of Your Skin with Botox Treatment

Are facial wrinkles becoming more noticeable? At Dermatology Associates Inc. in Perrysburg, OH, Dr. Abdel Kader Tal offers BOTOX Cosmetic. This effective aesthetic treatment makes fine lines and wrinkles far less obvious, and gives your skin a smooth long-lasting look. Talk to our office today about Botox in our offices in Toledo (Sylvania and Perrysburg), Ohio.

It's not just aging 

Certainly, facial changes--sagging skin, lines and creases--happen with advancing years. However, there's something else. Called dynamic wrinkles, these lines come from repeated muscular movement when you laugh, smile, or frown. The lines appear: 

  • Between the nose and the mouth
  • Across the chin and forehead
  • Between the eyebrows
  • At the corners of the eyes (crow's feet)
  • Along the lip line

The American Academy of Facial Esthetics says that when muscles contract, they bunch up, creasing the skin which covers them. If you relax these muscles, your skin stays smoother. This is where Botox comes to help.

Getting BOTOX treatments 

At Dermatology Associates Inc. in the greater Toledo area (Perrysburg and Sylvania Clinics), Dr. Tal determines if patients are eligible for skin rejuvenation with BOTOX. If you're healthy, have mild to moderate lines and creases, and are under the age of 65, you should qualify.

The in-office treatments take under half an hour. They require no anesthetic and are administered with a fine needle right under the skin for maximum comfort. You can be in and out on your lunch hour and experience:

  • No downtime whatsoever--just resume your usual routine right away
  • Only mild redness and tenderness Immediate results which continue to improve over the next week
  • A smoother facial appearance which lasts for many months

 Dr. Tal is running special programs called Botox Toledo and Botox Perrysburg to help give you a younger and healthier skin look.

Botox Toledo and Botox Perrysburg are just parts of a total skin rejuvenation program tailored to your needs and expectations. You'll return to Dr. Tal's office periodically for re-treatments to retain your renewed appearance indefinitely.

Other uses of Botox 

Other health care providers use BOTOX to treat conditions such as the overactive bladder, excessive sweating, migraine headaches, crossed-eyes, drooping eyelids, and more. The FDA approved its use more than two decades ago, citing its effectiveness and safety.

Time for a change 

Why not explore Botox Toledo or Botox Perrysburg and the other aesthetic skin services offered by Dr. Abdel Kader Tal at Dermatology Associates Inc. in Perrysburg OH? Solve your wrinkle problem now. It's really easy. Phone for a consultation: (419) 872-0777, Ext 129. 

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